Technomancer is the alias of Roy Julian Digre who grew up in the cold and wild Northern Norway. From an early age, he showed an exceptional interest in music and technology, being a kid who loved turning knobs and pushing buttons as well as constantly daydreaming about being a rockstar. Music became his life early on and growing up he loved playing both the keyboard and the guitar, becoming self-taught in the former without ever having gone to school and took lessons for the latter.

In 2004 he had already experimented with mixing music on his computer in Dance eJay, but it was Fruity Loops that truly opened up the potential for him. And after spending several years making demos and honing his skills as a producer, in late 2011 he met up with Per Aksel Lundgreen (Angst Pop, Apoptygma Berzerk, Cronos Titan, Chinese Detectives, Shatoo) and was asked to produce a new 2012 version of the old Angst Pop EBM classic "Ødipus Rex". The "Ødipus Rex 2012" EP was released the following year on CD and vinyl by Emmo.Biz Records and digitally by Dig Music (later transferred to Sub Culture Records, Per Aksel Lundgreen's own label).

The co-operation between Roy and Per Aksel did not stop there however and through 2012 and onwards the two of them worked on several remixes together for other artists while Roy was hard at work in the studio crafting the official debut Technomancer album. And in 2013, the album "SYSTEM FAILURE" saw its release on CD by Emmo.Biz Records and digitally by Sub Culture Records. Featuring notable tracks such as the Apoptygma Berzerk cover "ELECTRONIC WARFARE" with Angst Pop and the previously released Angst Pop track "ØDIPUS REX", the album was a stylish mix of futurepop, EBM and other genres, taking heavy inspiration from the school of early 2000's futurepop but giving it a new and unique spin.

"This is not the end. This is not the beginning of the end. This is the end of the beginning."

In late 2013 the second single, "PATH OF DESTRUCTION" was released, again on CD by Emmo.Biz Records and digitally by Sub Culture Records, featuring remixes by fellow Norwegian futurepop legends Apoptygma Berzerk and Spektralized. The remixes were well received and the single has so far been the most successfull from the "SYSTEM FAILURE" album.

Following this was the single "D-MN" which featured a remix by none other than Carlos Perón (ex-Yello). And finally deciding to leave his hometown behind, Roy moved to Sarpsborg, Norway in the end of October 2014 to take his career to the next step. And the Christmas of 2014 was celebrated with an early release of the fourth and final single from "System Failure", "ELECTRONIC WARFARE" which featured a brand new 2015 version that gives some hints on the sound of the upcoming material. The single was up until new year's eve available as a free download, accompanied by an oldschool music video shot in Sarpsborg.

Technomancer will take new steps into old territory. Prepare for the next phase...