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Hello, everyone! Hope you are having a good friday, because I am!

ECSTASY is out NOW on all digital platforms! The track is a cover of Black Lab's song from 2005 and has been on every demo of Hyperfuel, so it's been in the works for as long as the album.

Jonas Groth (Apoptygma Berzerk, Piston Damp) was kind enough to perform guest vocals on the track, which was also recorded in his studio at Greåker. Both him and Stephan Groth have helped produce the song, with Jonas doing most of the vocal production and Stephan making some slight edits and adding some ideas at the very end. The track was then mastered by Carlos Perón (ex-Yello) at Liquid Gold Mastering. I couldn't be happier with the result and the EP contains two exclusive versions of the song.

Additionally, Truls from Piston Damp sat down and worked on an official Piston Damp remix of the song that took the track in a whole new direction. With some additional work from Jonas, the Piston Damp remix has already become a bit of a hit among the DJs I've sent promos to, and I expect it to perform really well, since it compliments the original track perfectly and might be my favorite of the remixes I've gotten.

I also did a dubstep remix with Max|Static under our Lab5 side project, and I really hope you will dig that one as well. There are also the b-sides Shadows and Storm, worth listening to if you want a taste of what's to come on the upcoming HYPERFUEL album.

You can buy the EP directly from me at the Shop, where I also have a black vinyl CDR version available if you want it physically. It is also available on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, YouTube and every other digital platform you can imagine.

Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you're all in ECSTASY!

- Alyxx

The new Technomancer EP "ECSTASY" featuring Jonas Groth (Piston Damp, Apoptygma Berzerk) is coming out March 25th. It features remixes by Piston Damp and Laboratory 5. The original song is by the band Black Lab and is worth checking out if you've never heard of them before.

This is the third EP from the HYPERFUEL album which is finally coming out this year. I am super delighted to have worked with Jonas and his brother Stephan on this album and "ECSTASY" is definitely a song that could never have been accomplished without them. As a long-time Apoptygma Berzerk fan, it is a dream come true.

The EP will be available digitally and on CD and can be pre-ordered from the shop right now!

Due to increased fees at Bandcamp we've been forced to raise the prices. Singles have been raised from $3.50 to $5.00 and individual tracks are now $2 per track. That being said, albums will remain $7.

And to counter this the entire Technomancer discography is now available for $20 at a 70% discount! Go to the Technomancer Bandcamp shop to take advantage of this offer!


The second single from Hyperfuel, "I Want You" is now finally available physically. Released in 2020, it's now available as a black vinyl white label CD-R with a glossy photo paper booklet in a plastic sleeve. You can get it now from my shop for $10 including free shipping.

For those who are interested in the upcoming gig at Olavs Pub, Greåker, you can check out the event here.


Hope you are doing well! I'll be playing my first live gig since 2019 at Olavs Pub, Greåker, Norway on March 11th 2022. The event is supporting Sarpsborg ASVO, a group that do invaluable work keeping my hometown presentable and tidy.

Additionally, in 2012 I printed 50 copies of a CD-R compilation called RE:SYNC. This compilation contains a bunch of remixed demo tracks that have never been released digitally. I looked through my inventory and found I only have ONE COPY left of this rare CD-R. You can buy this one copy NOW at my shop for $20 including shipping.

Don't forget to check out Piston Damp's new "Making The World Great Again EP", where I remixed "Hearts On Fire":

Welcome to the new Technomancer website! With the new album around the corner, and realizing the old website was not up to modern standards, this is the most extensive redesign so far. A lot of it has been simplified to give it a better focus, and I hope you all like the new approach.

I do have some new releases for you to check out though!
Cryo recently released their EP "Valium" which I did a remix on, you can check that out here. I also did a remix for Dani Tamayo's "Put Your Needs First On The List", which you can check out here:

Hope you like the remixes! Work on the new album is now 90% done and I am extremely excited to release the new album as it's been in the works since 2013 when I finished making System Failure. More news on that to come, so stay tuned!